Animal Services

Mission Statement

To ensure that all animals are adopted and have a good home.


The Heber Animal Shelter is a no-kill rescue shelter. Contact the main office at 435-654-5727 for more information about animals. 

Are you interested in adopting one of our pets, click here to view the pets we have ready for adoption


  • Cats/Kittens: $15
  • Dogs: $30
  • Puppies: $15


  • Cats: $15
  • Dogs: $30

LICensing FEES

  • Annual - altered: $20
  • Annual - unaltered: $40
  • Lifetime - altered: $40
  • Lifetime - unaltered: $60

(to license your dog, please bring ID and proof of rabies vaccination for your dog, to the Heber City Treasurers office, located at 75 N Main Street, Heber City, UT.  Payment and tag is issued from Treasurer. )

Heber Animal Shelter Building
Dog License

Service Projects are available!

Please contact the Shelter for more information.