Parks, Open Space, Trails, and Trees Advisory Committee


As part of Heber City’s community priorities Heber City has established the Heber City Parks, Open Space, Trails, and Trees Advisory Committee  to help guide Heber City staff and elected officials in the preservation of open space, and the development/maintenance of Heber City’s growing trails system.  As part of the $10 million open space bond Wasatch County voters passed in 2018 and the Wasatch County Open Space Code; Heber City has direct influence over a percentage of these open space funds based in proportion with the taxable value derived from properties in Heber City.  Applications recommended by the Heber City Parks, Open Space, Trails, and Trees Advisory Committee and subsequently the Heber City Council will be given priority in the Wasatch County legislative body’s decision to use Wasatch County Open Space Bond revenue.  

Vision Statement

The Heber City Parks, Open Space, Trails, and Trees Advisory Committee  commits to sustain, preserve, and expand Heber Valley’s cherished system of parks, trails, and open spaces for the purpose of enhancing our residents’ quality of life, for protecting the historic, scenic, ecological and geological value of our community, and to promote a healthy balance preserving the community’s rural character especially during times of economic and developmental growth.


  • Projects and Priorities - April 2023 Review


  • Tree City USA 2022:  Heber City is honored to have been announced by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City USA for 2022, marking 7 years we’ve received this recognition! This is the first year Heber was awarded a Growth Award. Growth Awards recognizes major milestones as Heber recently updated their Tree Management Plan and Urban Tree Inventory. Communities recognized as a Tree City USA are committed to maintaining and growing our tree cover allowing for cleaner air, noise and pollution reduction, cooler temperatures, and an increase in beautiful green space. TreeCityUSA
  • Muirfield Park expansion: In August 2021, Heber City purchased 4.25 acres of open space in the North Fields adjacent to Muirfield Park on 200 W. In addition, Heber City has submitted a Notice of Interest to the Wasatch Open Lands Board in hopes to purchase an additional 10 acres of adjacent open space. If approved, Muirfield Park will expand to include passive recreation and will provide the only public access to the coveted North Fields!
  • I Care About Heber Air: In August 2021, Heber City passed a Clean Air ordinance. See kpcw’s coverage here, and read the new ordinance listed down below: Heber City Ordinances Promote Clean Air And Dark Sky | KPCW
  • Christensen Farms New Park: in May 2021, it was announced a new park will be built in the Christensen Farms development on 12th S and 18th E. Great news - we’ll keep our eyes open!!
  • Wasatch County Trail Master Map: See here for a comprehensive map of all the best trails in our beautiful valley! Heber Valley Mountain Biking Trails | Trailforks
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The Parks, Open Space, Trails, and Trees Advisory Committee serves as the Tree Board. This committee established a Tree Advisory Subcommittee to assist with the duties of the Tree Board in administering the city's tree ordinance. There are currently six volunteers who serve on the Tree Advisory Subcommittee.

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