Agendas and Minutes

Public meetings are open to the public to attend in person, or virtually.  

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If you would like to comment on an agenda item during a live meeting, 3 options exist for you to comment:

  1. Participate by GoToMeetings: by clicking on the GoToMeeting link above.  Participants wishing to speak via GoToMeeting should wait to be recognized by the Mayor or Chair Person.
  2. Email comments using the following email address':
    1. City Council:
    2. Planning Commission:
    3. Airport Advisory Board: 
      **(Please keep all emailed public comments to 500 words or less.) 
  3. Navigate to our live e-commenting page during the meeting: 


Respect one another. Stay on topic. Don’t impersonate someone else. Spam and commercial content will be removed. Please refrain from vulgar or rude language. Violation of any of these guidelines will result in your comment being removed from the public record.


  • Emails that pertain directly to meeting agenda items, including Public Hearings and Public Comments, are considered part of the permanent public record.
  • Emails must refer to a specific agenda item or read “public comment” in the subject line to be acknowledged placed in the public record.
  • Emails will not receive a reply via email but will be placed into the public record.
  • Emails must be received prior to the appropriate agenda item in order to be included as public record.
  • Emails are valid only if questions and comments include your full name.


eComment:  Public commenting will be open before the meeting begins. This option will stay open for the duration of the meeting.

In Progress: Once the meeting has begun, the “in progress” link to listen to the live-streaming audio will appear. Click on the link to live-stream audio. 

Agenda: View the agenda items to be covered in the meeting.