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Hungry Hearts United

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  • WASATCH COMMUNITY FOUNDATION - Connecting the young and old, the future and the past. Promoting education, health, hope and well-being through community programs, events and giving. Working together to answer community needs.
  • HUNGRY HEARTS UNITED - is a grassroots, community outreach strategy that initiates practical hands-on service in and for the community. As a member of the Wasatch Community Services Alliance, we feed 70+ middle school children a sack lunch to take home for the weekend every week. Ask us how you can be united with us for these Hungry Hearts.

Healing Hunger Here

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  • HEALING HUNGER HERE - a program of the Wasatch Community Service Alliance, the Service Pillar of the Wasatch Community Foundation. This is a group of diverse community leaders who are committed to identifying and then addressing the unmet needs of our Wasatch County Residents.

Heber Valley Center Stage

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  • HEBER VALLEY CENTER STAGE / CCPC is a Christian, humanitarian community resource center that helps improve the lives of people and communities through meeting immediate and basic needs, serving as a leading networker of community resources, offering counseling and care support, and by giving hope to those we serve.

Utah Rent Relief

Emergency Rental Assistance Flyer Cut
  • The Emergency Rental Assistance Program can help renters who are unable to pay their rent and utilities due to circumstances related to COVID-19. Applicants can apply at starting March 15, 2021. “Our goal is to help people impacted by the pandemic stay in their housing and maintain the stability of their families during these hard times.”  Go to

Other Resources available

Do you want to be listed on our Community Assistance Programs resource page?  send an email to , and we will be happy to share your information with our community.