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Attention Heber Food Service Establishments 

Heber City has adopted a FOGS Ordinance.

FOGS stands for FATS, OILS, GREASE and sand 

It is the number one cause of sewer system blockages in Heber City. FOGS sticks to the walls of your plumbing and the sewer system and can build up over time.  Eventually, it can block your plumbing or the sewer system.

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What YOU Should Know

Heber City has adopted a FOGS Ordinance for all food service establishments and certain auto and manufacturing companies.   The intent of the Ordinance is to prevent sewer blockages and reduce loading at the Heber Valley sewer treatment plant by requiring all Food Service Establishments to have a grease trap or interceptor.  The Ordinance will also entail annual inspections and fines for violations.  

How Can YOU Provide Feedback

For more information on FOGS, please call Heber City at 435-654-3275 or visit the FOG Tools & Information page.  You can find the details of the FOGS ordinance and other related information by clicking here

Key policy issues we seek feedback on, include: 

  • How much time will be granted to existing, noncompliant fog generators, to install required equipment? (13.08.364 [1] [b])
  • What noncompliance Penalty assessments will be acceptable? (13.08.366 [3])
  • Are there any concerns with our proposed partnership with the Wasatch county health department, to monitor FOGS ordinance compliance? 
  • Are the Judicial remedies proposed acceptable? (13.08.366 [4])

 For more information, please call Heber City at 435-654-3275.

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