What is the General Plan?

The General Plan is a policy document designed to guide the future of Heber City. The document contains the goals, policies, and action plans for Park City's future direction for:

  • Community character
  • Community economy
  • Environmental
  • Growth management
  • Historic preservation
  • Housing
  • Land use
  • Open space
  • Parks and recreation
  • Transportation

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1. Does my address or parcel # reside within the Heber City Boundaries?
2. How do I use the Wasatch County Interactive Map?
3. What if my address or parcel number is not within the Heber City boundary lines?
4. My address does not reside within the Heber City boundaries, can I contact other municipalities from the Heber City Website?
5. What if an address or parcel number resides outside of all municipality lines on the Wasatch County Interactive Map?
6. How can I find Heber City’s Zoning for an address within the Heber City Boundaries?
7. What if the street addresses on the Heber City Zoning Map do not appear or are too small to read?
8. How do I determine the exact zoning for an address on the Zoning Map?
9. How do I find the Municipal Code for a particular zone?
10. What if I have additional zoning questions I couldn’t find through the website?
11. What if I want to make an appointment with a City Planner?
12. Do I need a fence permit?
13. Where can I find Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) information?
14. Where can I find information about sheds or detached Garages?
15. Where can I find Short Term Rental (Nightly Rentals) information?
16. What developments have been approved by Wasatch County in the North Village area?
17. Are the Planning Department and Building Department the same thing?
18. What is the Zoning Ordinance?
19. What is the General Plan?
20. Does the Planning Department enforce CC and Rs?
21. What is a zoning district?
22. Do I need a permit to construct a fence?
23. I would like to put a sign on my property, do I need approval?
24. If I have concerns, comments or complaints about a project, whom should I contact?
25. What developments have been approved in Heber City?