What are Grant Assurances, and why do we have to abide by them?

When airport owners or sponsors like the City accept grant funds from the FAA, they must sign a contract that includes a list of obligations that the City must satisfy.  These obligations, called Grant Assurances, require that the City to maintain and operate their airport safely and efficiently and in accordance with specified conditions. These Grant Assurances cover a range of safety, operations and financial matters that are designed to make sure that the airport is operated in a manner consistent with federal policies and regulations.

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1. What is an Airport Master Plan and why do we need one?
2. What is the process for the Airport Master Plan update?
3. What are Grant Assurances, and why do we have to abide by them?
4. If the City makes design criteria improvements at the airport, what prevents even larger aircraft, like passenger jets (commercial air service) form using the airport?
5. I heard that the airport is only used by people who live in Park City. What value does the airport provide the Heber community?
6. Can the City limit the number and type of aircraft using Heber Valley Airport?
7. Can we prevent larger planes from utilizing the Heber Valley Airport?
8. Can we just close the Heber Valley Airport?
9. Can we self-fund the Heber Valley Airport?
10. Can other counties help pay for the Heber Valley Airport?
11. I want to be involved. How can I provide feedback on the plan? How can I participate?