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Arts Advisory Committee Application

  1. Arts Advisory Committee Summary

    We need at least three (3) people to apply for a new Arts Advisory Committee.  This Committee will meet usually 1-2 times a year to make recommendations to the city Council on some of the TAP tax (trails, arts and parks tax).

    Anyone that's interested can apply here by completing and submitting this application form.

    Deadline is October 31, 2023.

    In 2022, Wasatch County residents approved a Trails, Arts, and Parks (TAP) Tax, which will generate funds to be used by Heber City to support trails, arts, and parks within Heber City.  Heber City anticipates accepting applications for grants to be provided by Heber City with funding from the TAP Tax.  The purpose of the Arts Advisory Committee is to assess grant applications for art projects or activities in Heber City and make recommendations to the City Council with respect to the grant applications.

    The Arts Advisory Committee shall consist of five voting members who are residents of Heber City, to be appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the City Council.  To the extent possible, the Mayor shall appoint committee members with diverse backgrounds in the arts including music, visual art, drama, creative writing, photography, theater, and dance.

    The term of office for Arts Advisory Committee members shall be three years, except for the initial establishment of the Arts Advisory Committee, two members shall be appointed for two-year terms.  Any vacancies in these positions shall be filled by a recommendation to and confirmation by the City Council. The appointment will be for the remaining time of the member whose vacancy is being filled. Two consecutive four-year terms shall be the limit for regular membership. Partial terms shall not be considered in determining whether a person has served two consecutive terms.  If new or replacement appointments are not made, then the existing or current members shall continue in their capacity until a new appointment or replacement is made.

    The appointed members of the Arts Advisory Committee shall elect a Chair of the Arts Advisory Committee.  The Chair shall be responsible for conducting meetings.

    Please complete the application below, and submit.  The application will be sent directly to Mayor Heidi Franco for review.

    For More information, please read the following ordinance,

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